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About Us

We are an experienced auto leasing company located in Brooklyn NY. Serving all major cities in NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island any make any model. Anyone in the auto market looking to buy, lease or finance offering customers the lowest prices possible on all makes and models. Unlike a normal dealership, we deal directly with the manufacturer’s fleet department. The end result is a noticeable savings that means the difference between affordable and just a dream. Our goal is to help you find your dream car at a price that’s easy on your wallet.

What We Do

Customers shouldn’t have to go from dealer to dealer seeking the best monthly payments. Instead, you tell us which autos you have in mind.

We then compare prices of all dealers at once. This saves you hours on comparison shopping. Plus, we have access to rates that may not be available to customers without our help. We deal with the manufacturer to ensure customers have access to every single incentive, rebate and savings offer available. Without hefty commissions to worry about, all savings are passed on directly to the customer.

As an independent company, we have no bias. Our focus is on the customer, not pleasing a certain manufacturer. Our goal is to provide the lowest monthly payments on your lease by offering the widest selection of choices possible. With no corporations pulling our strings, we offer the best rates on leasing and a wide variety of other services.

Quick And Easy

Shopping for a new auto is time consuming and stressful. It can take weeks or even months to find a lease you are willing to live with. We believe you shouldn’t have to settle or waste time. Simply choose which makes and models are the perfect fit for your lifestyle. We do the rest. It really is that easy.

We pride ourselves on taking a complicated, stressful process and making it quick and easy. We even offer a wide variety of other services for a one stop shop experience. We provide our own certified body shop and auto insurance. The less the customer has to do, the better. We want you to be in your auto as quickly as possible without having to wait or deal with a dealership runaround. Stress free, quality service is all you receive at Top Gear Auto Leasing.